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2018 Light the Fire Again Conference (USB)


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Christ for all Nations is pleased to offer a USB with access to ALL 13 sessions of the Light the Fire Again Conference in Toronto, Canada (April 25-28, 2018)! You will experience a powerful move of God’s presence as you watch each of these high quality videos! Speakers include Daniel Kolenda, John Kilpatrick, John Arnott, Lou Engle, Claudio Freidzon, Heidi Baker, Rick Joyner, Randy Clark, Dr. Michael Brown, Peter Vandenberg, AND worship by Don Potter, Jeremy Sinnott and Lindell Cooley.

We truly believe you will be touched by the same anointing of God that was present in Toronto and we look forward to hearing just what God does in your life through this one-of-a-kind video series available on USB.

John Kilpatrick SESSION 1 - Discover the way God reveals His glory. Learn how to work under the anointing of God and rest in His glory.

Lou Engle SESSION 2 - Refresh and relish the revelations of how the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming in wave after wave like mighty tides sweeping the nations in miracles, salvations, prophecies, deliverances, and fire.

Rick Joyner SESSION 3 - Learn how to tap into God’s timing, hear His voice, and effectively respond to Him with faith for His purposes

(No Preview Available) Teaching/Preaching Team SESSION 4 - Our panel of speakers share rich relevant insights on today’s spiritual trending topics concerning the Church.

(No Preview Available) John Arnott SESSION 5 - Pastor John Arnott shares the testimony of Patricia Mallette who is the mother of acclaimed recording artist Justin Bieber.

Randy Clark SESSION 6 - Discover how to tap into the optimal power of prayer and intercession.

(No Preview Available) LTFA Worship Leaders SESSION 7 - Lindell Cooley, Jeremy Sinnott and Don Potter combine their hands-on experiences to examine the keys to genuine praise and worship.

Claudio Freidzon SESSION 8 - Learn how to seek and enter into God’s presence.

Daniel Kolenda SESSION 9 - Evangelist Daniel Kolenda uncovers the meaning and magnitude of the presence of God while actively living in the realm of the miraculous. He communicates the priceless benefits of being baptized in the Holy Spirit with the undeniable evidence of God’s power as he dynamically illustrates its priority and urgency today.

(No Preview Available) Peter Vandenberg SESSION 10 - Peter Vandenberg gives you the tools to learn how, when, and what matters most when you move forward into the unknowns of life with Jesus. Learn the secret to the long-term, soul-winning success of the ministry of Christ for all Nations in the world today.

Dr. Michael Brown SESSION 11 - It’s time to equip and deploy believers who passionately pursue the high priority of miracle transformation.

(No Preview Available) John and Carol Arnott SESSION 12 - Your faith will soar as you hear documented testimonies of those who received a miracle, healing, deliverance or experienced a mighty manifestation from the Lord during the conference.

Heidi Baker SESSION 13 - A priceless ministry/teaching session centered on the Word of God that beautifully exposes the depth of God’s grace to enable you to walk out of any shame and into the rewards of His righteousness.


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